Getting stuck is part of being human.

Staying stuck sucks. Are you ready to move forward? 

Make the Shift

An easy-to-read, empowering e-book that helps you take action and get unstuck right now.

Living a life of your dreams requires you to keep moving forward, yet it’s hard to keep moving when we have so many stories that are keeping us in the same place.


Do you find yourself stuck in the same problem loops over and over?

Have you followed programs, books, or fads, only to find yourself back at square one with no lasting results?

Are you constantly putting your self-care on the back burner, never making time for yourself?

Do you tell yourself negative stories about you and your limitations as if they’re true?

Is it time for you to take charge and create your life the way you truly want it to be?

The answers you seek are within you.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it doesn’t have to be this way forever.

I’ve worked with thousands of people for over 3 decades and here’s what I know to be true:

You have the power to make simple changes in your life, reframe your reality, and create the life you want.

Think about it – one reason you don’t get results from other people’s programs is because it’s theirs, not yours. You are unique, and your personal development should be, too.

I’ve been there. I’ve taken responsibility for my thoughts, actions, and beliefs and I can show you how to do it too. These are the tools and principles I created and use every day. They keep me present, constantly growing and evolving.  Now it’s your turn.

How you approach your self-care, health, and mindset will either lead you to the life you want or keep you stuck forever.

Our world needs people who empower themselves by moving in a positive direction toward self-actualization.
It starts with dropping our negative self-talk and the stories that hold us back.

For the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you can spend a few short hours with Make the Shift e-book and a journal, and by the end of that time you will:

Michelle Marie

Make the Shift is simply amazing. I feel like I just had an intimate conversation with you. After reading your story, you guided me into looking more deeply within myself. You provide very reflective sentence starters and give good examples of a mind shift. This is a tool many people will find useful in making their shifts.
I love the fact I can go back to it and remind myself to continue to push forward. Reflection and focus are key! Thank you for writing this book!! Well done!

- Stacy Butz


Get Real

You’ll be able to tell when you’re telling stories to yourself that are flat out lies you call truth.


Create Your Toolbox

You’ll know what acts of self-care nourish you in what ways, and when to use them.


Make the Shift

You be ready to empower yourself, using the tools to shift your state from unwanted to on-purpose.

Download the e-book now and lean into your future with confidence.

Imagine, a few hours from right now, you can own your choices in a new, empowering way, and have the confidence to make lasting change in your life.

Full of transformational insights, practical tools for change, and printable worksheets, Make the Shift will inspire and guide you to create new ways to care for yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Start now. Unravel the stories, create the life you want, and Make the Shift.

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