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How do you navigate changing emotions during turbulent times?

My oldest daughter is starting college this month. Like everyone else I know, she’s swimming in a sea of uncertainty, trying to make her way through each day and keep her head on straight. This weekend, she proposed some radical shifts in her college plan. It’s a lot of change all at once and along…
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A woman leans out a St. Louis window looking for answers to her health problems – find answers in Michelle Marie keynote talks.

4 Steps to Leading Others through Anxiety

This is a great question because the answer brings us to what I believe is one of the greatest challenges we face as leaders: we must be the leaders of our own lives first.
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"Do the Thing" – what got Michelle Marie out of her head and into action in St. Louis, Missouri

Do the Thing

I recently got to spend a weekend with a friend from out of town. Our time together was about releasing what was no longer serves us, practicing the art of self-care, and restoration. We ate beautiful food, got massages, sat together in meditation, and then talked and talked and talked. It was heavenly. Something she…
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Michelle Marie discusses business with MMB Music

Why You Should Vet Outsourcers As Carefully As Employees

Outsourcing, the act of contracting services from an outside supplier instead of utilizing an internal source, is more than a business buzz word; in today’s 24/7 work environment, it is imperative to doing business. From the smallest mom and pop taco truck to the largest global corporation, one would be hard-pressed to find a company…
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Michelle Marie's health became a priority and now she's teaching St. Louis how to eat better and find empowerment.

Transformation Without Deprivation

My favorite thing about this article is how beautifully PopSugar Fitness allowed the authenticity of my interview answers to come through. The days of depriving and punishing ourselves to attain health and fitness goals are over! Move your body. Shift your mind. Make the change. XOM Michelle’s Trick For Losing 70 Pounds of Body Fat in Her 40s…
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A sky illustrates the quest for answers. Michelle Marie answers your questions in her keynote talks and more.

Stop Waiting to be Perfect

A friend of mine always says “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” This is so true! Waiting and wishing for things (including yourself) to be perfect only results in missed opportunities and experiences. Think about it. How many times have you delayed that dream vacation because you didn’t like how you looked in your swimsuit…or…
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